Benjamin Madick, Co-founder and COO, Matic

Co-founder and COO

In 2014, Ben Madick co-founded Matic, a technology-driven insurance agency focused on helping lenders and loan officers better integrate homeowner’s insurance into the lending process. The company has steadily grown since 2016 to become the market leader in lender and servicer distribution of HOI. In the last 12 months, Madick and his team have forged partnerships with more than 12 of the nation’s top-rated insurance carriers, including Nationwide, Progressive, National General Insurance and Safeco. Licensed in all 50 states, Matic has delivered more than 300,000 quotes to the customers of well-known lenders and servicers, allowing these companies to close loans faster and reduce origination costs while improving the borrower experience by dramatically simplifying the often-confusing HOI process.

Outside of Matic, Madick is an active participant in the MBA, CMBA and TMBA, a frequent speaker at industry events, and a regular contributor to industry publications. He also co-founded Mortgage Quality Management & Research [MQMR], a leading provider of mortgage risk management services. He continues to serve as a strategic advisor to the company, which conducts more than 1,500 annual reviews of originators, sub-servicers, document custodians and vendors. Prior to founding MQMR in 2011, Madick spent five years with Bank of America’s correspondent lending division, managing relationships with large independent mortgage lenders throughout the country.
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