Vice president of lending

Roy Koldaro joined Global Equity Finance with 10 years of financial services experience to his name, ranging from small financial service firms to a large federal bank. He currently maintains one of the largest portfolios on the entire Global Equity Finance team. Koldaro relies on quick thinking, adaptability and his vast amounts of financial knowledge to fund as many as 22 mortgage loans and as much as $6 million in volume per month.

“Roy is that rare individual who finds solutions,” says Global Equity Finance CFO Ken Hough. “I think it offends Roy to hear someone tell him, ‘It can’t be done.’ Maybe he takes it as a personal slight. Whatever the case, for Roy, impasses are opportunities.”

As a result of his accomplishments, Koldaro was presented with Global Equity Finance’s 2015 MVP Award, 2016 Executive President’s Club Champion Award and 2016 Out of the Box Thinker Award. His work ethic and consistent willingness to learn, grow, and teach fellow loan officers, processors, and underwriters have been imperative to his success both as a manager and as an independent producer.