Since joining the mortgage industry in 2015, when he took on the role of CEO of Class Appraisal, Alex Elezaj has led the company to more than 125% growth and created one of the largest appraisal management companies in the nation. His primary focus is to create the absolute best work environment for his team, which he believes translates into exceptional performance and the ultimate client service experience.

Class Appraisal is now partnered with several of the nation’s top lenders and financial institutions, and has significant growth plans for 2017 and beyond. “We have established a system and culture where every order is our most important order,” Elezaj says. “Our next order is never guaranteed – we need to earn it. Knowing the importance of what we do and being in the weeds of our business is what sets us apart. We have an amazing team, and we are constantly looking for ways to get better every single day.”