MaryKay Scully, Director of customer education, Genworth Mortgage Insurance

Director of customer education
Genworth Mortgage Insurance

Over the past year, MaryKay Scully has been at the helm of the industry’s efforts to help mortgage professionals understand and adapt to the myriad compliance and policy changes in mortgage finance. Notably, she launched Genworth’s Quarterly Agency Updates, a series of seminars and communications designed to keep clients current on agency guidelines, forms and requirements. Beyond helping clients manage and prepare for changes, Scully uses her training platforms to help individuals understand their role in the mortgage process, from secondary market pricing to post-settlement delivery and servicing. By implementing a series of assessments, she helps individuals grasp how critical their roles are in the homeownership process.

Since mid-2017, Scully has delivered more than 200 events and trained over 12,500 mortgage professionals. She is a key component of Genworth’s relationship with NAFCU and maintains a firm connection with the National School of Banking’s fellow graduates and associates. In addition to working with individuals already ingrained within the industry, Scully is dedicated to the career development and mentorship of younger employees. She leads a ‘boot camp’ for new entrants to the industry that covers everything from explaining acronyms to teaching how to read a credit report and calculate income and PITI payments to measure DTI.

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