Erica LaCentra, Director of marketing, RCN Capital

Director of marketing
RCN Capital

As RCN Capital’s director of marketing, Erica LaCentra is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the company’s marketing plan, as well as overseeing the marketing department. Since joining RCN Capital in 2013, LaCentra has led a strategic rebrand to position the company for nationwide expansion. Involved in every aspect of RCN’s marketing initiatives, including new program launches, the creation of traditional and digital media, and the coordination of trade-show sponsorships and event involvement, LaCentra’s ongoing efforts have elevated the company to a national brand and expanded its customer base. Outside of RCN, LaCentra serves as a member of the American Association of Private Lenders’ education advisory committee.

Company Information
  • CompanyRCN Capital, LLC
  • Head Office75 Gerber Rd E, Ste 102 South Windsor, Connecticut
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