Terrie Hagerty, Executive vice president and director, Citadel Servicing

Boasting 30-plus years of lending and asset management experience, Terrie Hagerty has experience in a wide range of areas, including quality control, underwriting, funding, compliance and servicing. As an executive vice president and director at Citadel Servicing Corporation [CSC], Hagerty oversees all aspects of funding and the servicing platform once a loan or a pool of loans has been acquired for investment.

Prior to her current role, Hagerty served as SVP and director of secondary market operations for First Street Financial [FSFI], where she managed and maintained investor relations, successfully overseeing the close of trades from the due diligence process through the transfer of servicing by interacting with various Wall Street firms. Her role at FSFI was highly instrumental facilitating the interface between FSFI and AMRS that resulted in the formation of Citadel Servicing.

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  • CompanyCitadel Servicing
  • Head Office15707 Rockfield Boulevard Suite 320 Irvine, CA 92618
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