Lori Brewer, President and founder, LBA Ware

Lori Brewer is an accomplished entrepreneur and technology leader. Brewer entered the mortgage industry in 1997 after serving as a captain and information systems manager in the US Air Force, and has manifested her forward-thinking vision through the development of more than 25 lending-oriented applications, many of which are still in use today. She founded LBA Ware in 2008 to deliver innovation and business process optimization to community banks and independent mortgage lenders through the company’s flagship products, CompenSafe and LOS Talker. Thanks to her efforts, LBA is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise.

“Lori Brewer is a leader and a visionary,” writes a staff member at LBA Ware. “Not only has she built a successful software company from the ground up – one that is 100% woman-owned and has never requested or accepted outside funding – she has also built a legacy for herself and will continue to be a force in the industry with her sheer will and technical ability. Lori’s extensive background in the mortgage industry gives her a tremendous advantage over most programmers, allowing her to intuitively avoid pitfalls and produce an end product that exceeds expectations.”

The staffer also praises Brewer for her leadership and mentoring efforts. “In just two short years, Lori has reshaped my career path and has taught me more about leadership, entrepreneurism, and being a female powerhouse at the office and at home than all my previous experiences combined. Lori is more than a mentor – she is an inspiration.”

In keeping with her passion for technology development, Brewer has served as the technology chair on the Stratford Academy board of trustees and as a board advisor to the Middle Georgia State College School of Information Technology.
Company Information
  • Company LBA Ware
  • Head Office 355 Cotton Ave, Macon, GA 31201