Lauren Boger, Producing sales manager, On Q Financial

Lauren Boger has grown her business year-over- year since she joined On Q Financial and has been part of the company’s President’s Club since 2015; last year, she moved up four spots to rank at number five for units. As a millennial, Boger has helped the company in its efforts to reach her generation by developing a video mortgage application prototype to guide borrowers through the application process. Boger also contributed to the company’s initiative to reach the Hispanic market by hiring a Spanish speaker to train the team and help the business cater to this underserved, growing demographic.

Boger candidly describes the challenges she faced while on maternity leave. “My business disappeared overnight, and I had to resolve to work even harder to establish new referral partners,” she says. “I made calls each week from home and still communicated on loans, but the fact that I was at home and not in the office really affected my business. I assumed some of my Realtor referral partners would support me during my time of leave, as they were women themselves – some [were] single moms – but they didn’t. Business dropped off, and I had to once again reinvent myself. I think as women, we should support one another and lift each other up.”

Boger recently joined a local women’s networking group and is looking forward to getting “plugged into my community and support[ing] other women in business.” She is also involved with Children of Fallen Heroes and earned a donation for the cause in 2016 by winning a charity competition sponsored by On Q.

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