Cathi Patrick-Davidson, Divisional president, Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group

Cathi Patrick-Davidson has been a key member of Gold Star’s senior management team for 10 years, previously holding the positions of chief operating officer and director of enterprise risk management before being promoted to the position of divisional president. Best known as one of the industry’s most visionary pioneers of compliance application, Patrick-Davidson is credited with crafting a compliance platform that easily assimilates up-to-the-minute legislative, agency and lender-specific directives, and one that can accommodate a plethora of state-specific mortgage lending disclosure.

Patrick-Davidson’s characteristic proactive compliance application was especially evident in Gold Star’s seamless adoption and lender-partner interface of the TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule, which many in the industry are still navigating.
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  • CompanyGold Star Mortgage Financial Group
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