Linda Mallia

Linda Mallia

Linda is currently employed by Devere Mortgage Corporation, DBA Hunt Mortgage. Hunt Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunt Real Estate. Hunt Real Estate was founded in 1911 by Charles S. Hunt. Linda was hired in 1979 at the age of 20, by C. Stuart Hunt, the son of the founder, to be an assistant bookkeeper. Sometime in late 1983 or early 1984, Stuart’s son, Peter F. Hunt, the current CEO of Hunt Real Estate, attended a meeting where the concept of a CLO (computerized loan origination) system offered by First Boston was being sold predominantly to Real Estate companies as a low-cost, easy access to the mortgage industry. The concept was presented as being so basic and simple that any clerical person could run the system. Upon hearing a presentation Peter did for his father about the concept, Linda requested consideration to be the clerical person that ran the computer and marketed it to the real estate agents of Hunt Real Estate. Linda was extremely fortunate that Stuart and Peter agreed to offer the position to her. Once they executed the contracts to purchase the system, their interaction with the sales force of First Boston ended and they were turned over to the training staff. The trainers at First Boston revealed that their sales force was mistaken to have promoted the system as not requiring an experienced mortgage banker. At this point, Linda’s bookkeeping position had already been filled and the Hunt family decided to give her a chance despite First Boston’s recommendation to rescind her position.

Linda remains eternally grateful to the Hunt Family for the opportunity to have grown an ancillary business that upholds traditions and standards sent by the Hunt Family.
Company Information
  • Company Hunt Mortgage
  • Head Office 5400 Broadway Street Lancaster, NY 14086