Tony Mounce, Tony Mounce Mortgages & Insurance (New Zealand)

managing director

Finance all-rounder Tony Mounce boasts more than 42 years’ experience in the banking and finance sector, having first entered the sector at 16 years old. He worked his way up to becoming a senior mortgage adviser at the Bank of New Zealand, and Mounce ultimately spent 34 years learning the ropes as a banker before moving into independent mortgage advice. He founded Tony Mounce Mortgages & Insurance in 2009, where his deep knowledge of the New Zealand banking system catapulted him to success and earned him the number-one spot in our Top Advisers ranking for the second year running, as well as a spot in the Mortgage Global 100 for two consecutive years. Outside of work, Mounce calls himself a “typical Kiwi” who enjoys spending time with his family, and is passionate about rugby, golf and cricket.