Loan volume: $171 million
Number of loans: 353

The founder and CEO of mortgage lending company Arcus Lending, Shashank Shekhar has consistently grown his business from $58 million in 2013 to $171 million in 2016. 

A bestselling author and avid blogger, Shekhar has also contributed articles to a number of national and international media outlets, and written three books:

First Time Home Buying 101, Real Estate Unleashed and the recently released My First Home, which became a number-one Amazon bestseller. Shekhar relies on several online and offline mediums to reach out to his prospects and clients, and is a firm believer in using social media platforms to grow his business. He also has a very successful radio show, “Mortgage Matters,” which will soon be turned into a national TV show.

In his spare time, Shekhar sits on the board of Give India, a nonprofit that works to raise funds for Indian charities.