It's the BombBomb

by Kimberly Greene31 Oct 2018

As the world has gone digital, everyone laments the days when talking to someone was as easy as, well, just talking to someone. For salespeople, especially, finding a way to connect to people on a personal level is still vital to the business, regardless of how many apps emerge and digital transformations take place.

BombBomb marries technology with face-to-face communication, giving users a way to reach out and touch someone personally via a digital platform.

Steve Pacinelli, BombBomb's chief marketing officer, said that BombBomb's premise is a simple one.

"If you’re in front of more people more often, would you do more business? And the answer is yes, and so when you can’t—when time, distance, and technology keep you apart—video helps you bridge that gap."

One person's text looks exactly the same on the screen as another person's text, but with BombBomb, originators can really get creative when thinking about how best to use video. Even when an originator isn't sitting with a borrower, Pacinelli said they can still build trust by using video to walk someone through a complicated topic, explain a particular document, or share their screen. Providing training to real estate agents and other referral partners becomes easier when using video. Even that ol' Happy Birthday email or text message takes on a whole new meaning when your face is there and you are personally expressing the sentiment.

With BombBomb, there's no separate app to use, no recording a video on a device and then saving it or uploading it to another device to attach to an email later. In three clicks, BombBomb lets users record a video and place it right into the email or text message.

"People always say, ‘Why do I need BombBomb to do this? Can’t I record a video on my phone and email it to someone?’ And you can, but it goes out as an attachment," Pacinelli said. "You don’t know if the video is actually making it through to the recipient, and it’s a ‘scary’ attachment where, if you don’t have a relationship built, most likely someone’s not going to click on a random attachment at the bottom of your email."

The latest version of BombBomb's On the Go app was released this week, and this version allows users to check email directly within the app. When responding to an email, not only is the option available to send a video right from your mobile device, but if an originator has emails that they frequently use to describe the process or they have templates, all those "snippets" are now accessible to be used as well. This allows originators to operate in real time across devices and respond quickly with all of their scripts on the go—in addition to the plain text and simple video options.

For those who think the learning curve might be too steep, Pacinelli says that BombBomb’s approach really allows veteran originators to get back to the way they used to do business while accommodating people who are used to operating in a digital space. He challenges those people who think that this is yet another newfangled thing that they have to learn, especially if they've been in the business for decades.

"Originators did business face to face [their] entire life and it wasn’t until about 20 years ago or 15 years ago that it became increasingly digital. This is bringing the flight back to the face and so all the skills that you have when sitting down face-to face with someone you can convey through video," Pacinelli said. "It's the new old way to sell because it’s not text on the screen."

BombBomb is used by mortgage and real estate professionals, as well as professionals in a myriad of other industries in more than 40 countries around the world. There are many options available for use, including a one-to-one style video, or a one-to-many approach used for mass email campaigns. They also provide a concierge-type service that creates monthly content with the user's preferred branding, then sends out the material and provides metrics and analytics as well.

In a recent case study with a large technology recruiting company, BombBomb customers who’ve sent at least 10 videos reported a 56% increase in cold email outreach above their text-based emails.

BombBomb is an easy way to create video that isn't just marketing or promotional content. It's a relationship building tool that can be a differentiator for an originator if they’re brave enough to use it.

"In general, people can’t get over the way that they look and the way that they sound on video, and that self-limiting belief prevents them from getting face-to-face and getting more meaningful connections. And in an industry where people are worried about this intermediation and automation and robo loans and everything else, this inserts the human back into the process," Pacinelli said. "This allows you to differentiate yourself from anything else that that consumer may be experiencing because you’re providing a different level of service right out of the gate."