New American Funding dares to go where few have gone

by New American Funding29 May 2018
There are literally hundreds of mortgage companies that would love for you to join their team. But how do you decide?
What’s most important to you?
  • Great leadership
  • Fairness in rates and compensation
  • Operational prowess
New American Funding delivers on all these fronts, but where it has really set itself apart is the company’s leading mobile technology, better known as GoGo LO. With only their smart phone, New American Funding Loan Officers can do everything in the field that they once could only do back in their office.
And when we say, everything, we mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. It’s knock-your-socks-off kind of stuff.
Let’s say, you want to start doing more business with the top real estate offices in town. No problem. Simply access GoGo Agent Intelligence on your smart phone, and you can start viewing not only the top-producing offices in town via mapping technology, but drill down further to see the top agents in those offices, their number of units and volume, their buy-side transactions versus their list-side transactions, and the originators they are working with on every deal.
That’s just the start. You can also see whether they’re loyal to one lender or play the field and whether they engage in mostly purchase or refi business or a combination of the two. From that kind of intelligence, you can begin refining your marketing strategy to get in front of these top producers and start delivering the kinds of services your competitors can’t.
GoGo LO also give you more ways to be a hero to your borrowers. If, for example, they are curious about a house they’re parked in front of, one call to you, and you can text them a complete Property Profile, instantly informing them about past and current ownership, mortgage and tax history, even school performance data. Should they also require a preapproval letter, a couple more clicks, and the preapproval is on its way.
As a New American Funding New Loan Officer, you can also share many of these same innovations with your real estate partners through GoGo Partner. Indeed, because of their exclusive relationship with you, they can use GoGo Partner to make their business more mobile, such as capturing new contacts with open house e-sign-in sheets and emailing these hot new contacts other relevant listings. With GoGo Partner, they can also easily and seamlessly populate all their favorite social media sites with their listings. What a great way to cement your relationships with your top real estate agent partners.
About all that leadership, compensation and operational stuff we mentioned at the outset? Well, CEO Rick Arvielo has been the company’s tech, marketing and motivational leader since he and his top loan-producing wife Patty co-founded the company in 2003. Taking both Patty’s input and the best suggestions from the street, he has given New American Funding’s an unparalleled platform for delivering the absolute best loan experiences in the industry, confirmed by more than 35,000 positive reviews. And exactly because New American Funding is so efficient, it can offer industry-leading rates and compensation, and as far as closing times go, New American Funding offers a 14 Business Day Loan Close Guarantee.* That’s fast!
New American Funding continues to go where few lenders have ventured. If you’re looking for a fresh start, a new start, a dynamic place to move your career past go to GoGo, call us today.
We dare you!
*14 business day guarantee only applies to purchase transactions. This guarantee does not apply to Reverse Mortgages, FHA 203k, VA, Bond, MCC, loans that require prior approval from an investor, or brokered loans. The guarantee does not apply if events occur beyond the control of New American Funding, including but not limited to; appraised value, escrow or title delays, 2nd lien holder approval, short sale approval, or lender conditions that cannot be met by any party. The 14 business day trigger begins when the borrower’s initial application package is complete and the borrower has authorized credit card payment for the appraisal. If New American Funding fails to perform otherwise, a credit of $250 will be applied toward closing costs.


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