Employees take an ownership role at New American Funding

by New American Funding24 Sep 2018

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of mortgage companies across the country, but few are growing at the rate or having the success of New American Funding in Tustin, Calif.

So, naturally, you might ask, how is the company doing it? Why has New American Funding caught fire the way it has?

The answer in a word is “vision.” Specifically, the vision of New American Funding co-founders Rick and Patty Arvielo.

From the start, they knew that for the company to grow, they would have to help others grow and be successful, as well.     

Keeping you top of mind
To help its Real Estate Agent partners become more successful, the company recently introduced its GoGo Partner mobile app. With it, the company’s Real Estate Agent partners can create and post cobranded open house fliers to their favorite social media sites. The app also features an open house electronic sign-in sheet that automatically gets uploaded to their growing list of marketing prospects.

As many of these prospects begin their journey of homeownership, they will receive a stream of helpful cobranded communications including email drip campaigns, loan milestone alerts and more.

When their loan funds, the customer will receive an attractive cobranded card congratulating them on their new home. And when they begin receiving their mortgage statement, they’ll once again find the friendly and, by now, familiar cobranded contact information of their lender-real estate agent team.

These cobranded communications, in both print and email, will keep up through the years for the customer’s birthday, anniversary and other special occasions, including major holidays and other noteworthy events.

By providing so many cobranded marketing opportunities for Real Estate Agents, Rick and Patty and the entire New American Funding team believe they can create more value for customers and more business for Loan Originators and their key partners.

Mission of inclusion
Connecting with other people, not only asking them to participate in the process, but challenging them to improve and take an ownership role in it, is what motivates Rick and Patty. Thus, it’s no accident that New American Funding employees drive most of the company’s key operations. Indeed, nearly all company systems—processing, underwriting, funding, servicing, marketing—remain in house, because employees have been trained, empowered and entrusted to be strong decision-makers.

To ensure the voices, as well as the livelihoods, of their employees remain strong, Rick and Patty are strong advocates for the industry at both the national and local level. Among their many leadership roles, Rick is the 2017-2018 Chairman of MORPAC, the Mortgage Banking Association’s (MBA) political action committee, and Patty is a member of the board of governors for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP). She also sits on the MBA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Many local nonprofits have experienced New American Funding’s spirit of giving back firsthand through the company’s signature “Lending a Helping Hand” program, where employees roll up their sleeves to support the work of numerous nonprofits. This need to be part of something larger than themselves stems from the company’s NAF360 culture, which simply translates as “Treat everyone you come into contact with, with dignity and respect.”

Join the leader
Rick and Patty were first attracted to the mortgage business because it allowed them to dream big. As their success has grown, they have tried to share it with others, broadening and filling New American Funding’s with highly professional, accountable and customer-first Loan Originators who share their mission of bringing homeownership to more people.   

In that way, the Arvielos are like tech entrepreneur Steve Jobs who once persuaded Pepsi executive John Sculley to join Apple after asking him whether he wanted to continue selling sugary water or change the world by being part of something remarkable.

Rick and Patty are asking Loan Originators if they’re comfortable with their current production or if they want to do something remarkable, perhaps doubling it or tripling their sales, with the kinds of tools and support that New American Funding can provide.

If your aim is the latter, New American Funding’s visionary leaders, Rick and Patty Arvielo, can definitely see a future for you at their company.