Crack open a new sales edge with Agent Intelligence

by New American Funding03 Jul 2018

To induce his hens to lay more eggs, a chicken farmer showed up in the hen house with an ostrich egg. “Mind you, I’m not complaining,” the farmer told them, “but this is just a sample of what the competition is doing.”

The question for you is, do you know who the ostriches are in your market -- the ones dominating your market by both unit and dollar amount, the ones who more than just building a career are building a sizable nest egg for their retirement.

If you don’t know who they are, then you need Agent Intelligence from New American Funding.

Agent Intelligence, an exclusive feature on New American Funding’s GoGo LO app, will provide you with all the information you need to succeed in your market.

Say, your goal is to get meetings with all the top real estate offices in your market and, more specifically, the top producers in those top-producing offices. With Agent Intelligence, you can instantly view these select agents’ production numbers, both in units and dollar volume and in terms of buy-side or sell-side transactions, property type, financing, and much more.

That alone should provide you enough of an edge for developing a game plan for getting in front of these top-producers. After all, by knowing exactly the kinds of deals they’re doing and the types of clients they’re working with, you can tailor your presentation to show these top producers how you and the programs you offer can provide them with an even higher level of service. By definition, top producers are professionals always striving to get better, so they’ll be extremely receptive to what you’re offering.

But there’s another phase of Agent Intelligence that you’ll be equally interested in. It shows you every Loan Originator that these top real estate producers are currently working with – in other words, all your direct competitors.

So, armed with this extra layer of intelligence, you can approach these same top producers about all the products, programs and services you know that your competitors aren’t currently offering. And as top producers, they’ll listen because they wouldn’t be representing their clients fully and faithfully if they weren’t sharing what you were bringing to the table.

Agent Intelligence puts you firmly in control of your production.

It also gives you a choice: You can continue to go without Agent Intelligence and feather your nest with an average number of deals and make a decent living or you can start using Agent Intelligence to scoop up the Ostrich-size eggs that up to now have been the exclusive domain of your direct competition.

Make the Intelligent choice. Call us today!

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