Fall in love with mortgage… again

by Heather Turner08 Feb 2018

What is there not to love about the mortgage industry? Well, for some, economical shifts and regulatory changes have caused a few bumps in the road but despite the tribulations, now, more than ever, is an amazing time to join the business and enjoy the challenges – and the rewards. 

“We think the mortgage business is an amazing business, and we are proud to have been a part of it for the last 20 years,” says Jason Dozois, CEO of home loan lender Loan Simple. “The business can provide a great living for all involved. It allows for a healthy work/life balance, web/mobile applications mean you can perform any function from any location, you get to work as a team toward a common goal, and the end product is helping borrowers achieve their dream of homeownership,” he says. “What’s not to love?”

At Loan Simple, Dozois and his team strive to create an environment that promotes the growth and success of its employees and clients. However, the truth is, not all companies provide the tools, technology, and support to make their loan officers and branch managers succeed. Resources such as education and training make all the difference, especially considering changes to the regulatory environment that creates hurdles along the path. “We don’t allow the regulations to become an obstacle in their growth. Through the use of technology, our simplified processes and procedures, and excellent support, LOs and branch managers are free to focus entirely on growing their business,” says Dozois. 

To ensure successful relationships within the organization, Dozois suggest two keys that are imperative to a streamlined business and customer satisfaction: communication and consistency. According to Dozois, by combining great communication with the consistency of a dedicated underwriter, the loan officers at Loan Simple are able to experience incredible growth, and keep loans simple for the consumer. “There are less questions and wasted steps. Your pipeline starts to move faster, approvals have fewer conditions, and your files have fewer rounds in underwriting. Instead of missing closings, you are early, and borrowers and realtors start to recognize how much easier the process has become because you are creating a great experience for all involved,” says Dozois. “We believe that in order to make this a business people love to work in, we have to be the company people love to work with.”