Nick McCorkindale, Saving Kiwis Financial Solutions

Nick McCorkindale, Saving Kiwis Financial Solutions

 Nick McCorkindale

Mortgage Advisor and Director

I started out banking as an ANZ Investment Advisor, then joined the mortgage broking industry in 2000 to build a franchise business Approved Mortgage Brokers with 3 old school friends, Lawrence Diack, Karl Baker and Mike Beal. We successfully did this and then sold to NZ Finance just before they purchased a half share in Mike Pero.  I went out on my own after the sale, started working from home to be by my family then the GFC hit and during these challenging years we rebranded to Saving Kiwis Financial Solutions. Over the years we jointly built a large KiwiSaver business with Lawrence Diack, though recent regulatory change means I only offer advice on mortgages now and Lawrence manages the KiwiSaver arm of the business.

Key achievement over the last year has been the development of our new broker Kurt Rains who is one of the up and coming brokers of the future and will do Saving Kiwis proud ... watch out for that name. Into the future I'll be looking to build a team with the help of Kurt Rains and outside of mortgage broking I'll continue to develop commercial property which has been my investment focus over the last 5 years.

I was delighted to make the top 50 advisors. There's been a lot of change in the industry in recent years which has brought many challenges, so it felt great to be achieving success in the new environment we are operating in.

Saving Kiwis Financial Solutions

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