Electronic Lodgement

Electronic Lodgement

Gold: ASB

Silver: Westpac

Bronze: ANZ

Electronic lodgement occupies an interesting space in the current adviser market. No-one doubts the increased efficacy offered by online lodgement – indeed, it’s arguable it’s even a baseline expectation at this stage of the market. But this doesn’t mean banks can rest easy; there are still improvements to be made. This year, responding advisers indicated that in light of the shifting loan landscape, it’s essential to have methods of lodgement that allow for circumstances that don’t fit the traditional mould.

So while it’s not a make-or-break priority, it’s definitely still a consideration for advisers when selecting a bank to worth with. Accordingly, there are still those who have distinguished themselves among their peers. ASB won gold this year, earning adviser’s favour with their service. Silver and bronze went to Westpac and ANZ respectively – both banks who have marked themselves out in the eyes of brokers. Congratulations to all of this year’s medallists.