Zillow Introduces Zillow Partnership Platform

by 16 May 2012

Outlines Zillow's commitment to work with MLSs and brokers to display accurate, complete and timely listing data

SEATTLE, May 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Zillow, Inc. (NASDAQ: Z), the leading real estate information marketplace, today launched the Zillow® Partnership Platform, developed to help Zillow, multiple listing services and brokers work together to display accurate, complete and timely listing information.

The Zillow Partnership Platform outlines Zillow's commitment to work with its real estate industry partners to reduce the costs and time associated with listings management; and provide the best source of listing data to agents, home owners and home shoppers.

Under the Zillow Partnership Platform, Zillow's pledges include:

  • Update      active listings and remove stale information as frequently as the MLS or      broker allows.
  • Always      show the listing broker, listing agent and the listing source.
  • Never      re-syndicate, redistribute or sub-license listings without permission.
  • Never      reuse listing data entrusted to one Zillow business to support another      Zillow business. 
  • Allow MLSs      and brokers to choose Zillow's listings data source.
  • Honor all      intellectual property rights.

"Zillow is committed to partnering with MLSs and brokers to get reliable and timely information to its more than 32 million unique users each month," said Bob Bemis, vice president of industry relations at Zillow. "We have a common goal to provide accurate listings for the benefit of agents and consumers."

Starting today, the Zillow Partnership Platform applies to all renewal and future MLS and broker contracts. Each partner will have a dedicated Zillow account executive to address concerns and quickly solve problems. To learn more about the platform, email partners@zillow.com or call 206-757-4250.


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