Your customers could see big home price savings in February

by Ryan Smith31 Jan 2017
February is almost upon us – and that could mean big savings for your customers.

According to new data from ATTOM Data Solutions, February is the best month of the year for homebuying bargains. That means it’s a great month for LOs to follow up on prospective leads.

ATTOM conducted an analysis of home price statistics for more than 50 million single-family homes and condos over the last 16 years. Once the numbers were crunched, the analytics firm found that homes sold in February sold at an average of $103.90 per square foot. That’s 6.1% less than any other month of the year on average, according to ATTOM. And the top five days of the year offering the biggest discounts all fall in February.

January took second place with a price of $104.50 per square foot, an average discount of 5.6% over other months. March and April rounded out the top four, with average prices of $106.70 per square foot and $108.80 per square foot, respectively.

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