Workers are moving to these cities for jobs

by Francis Monfort06 Jul 2018

Cities with smaller cities nearby topped the list of destinations for workers who want to move, while a college town had the most workers looking to move away, according to a new study released by job and recruiting site Glassdoor.

The study found that 28.5% of applications on Glassdoor were to jobs outside of an applicant’s current metro. The study was based on a sample of more than 668,000 online job applications started on Glassdoor during a one-week period for the 40 largest metro areas in the US.

San Francisco topped the list of cities for metro movers, or those job seekers applying for jobs beyond their current metro. Glassdoor found that 12.4% of the total metro mover population applied for jobs in the city given opportunities at companies like Facebook and Salesforce and despite the housing shortages and high cost of living.

Other top cities for metro mover were magnets for job seekers located in smaller cities nearby. New York City had the second highest share of metro mover applications (8.4%), followed by San Jose (6.9%), Los Angeles (6.8%), and Washington D.C. (4.3%).

The college town of Providence, R.I., had the most workers looking to move away with 52.5% of candidates in the metro applying for jobs elsewhere. The California cities of San Jose (47.6%), Riverside (47.3%), and Sacramento (44.4%) rounded out the top five along with Baltimore (45.6%).


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