Who forged the NAMB letter?

by Ryan Smith26 Feb 2015
Still no news on the actual author of an apparently fraudulent letter that’s caused friction between two mortgage associations. So in lieu of actual news, we’d like you to engage in the cornerstone of cable news: rank speculation.

The letter purports to be from former Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.C.) to CFPB Director Richard Cordray, and was provided to a news outlet by NAMB last month. However, the letter appears to be a fake, with the CFPB stating that they never received it, and Johnson’s former chief of staff confirming that the letter was not written, signed or authorized by the senator.

But NAMB hasn’t said where it got the letter. Don Frommeyer, NAMB CEO, told MPA yesterday that the organization would release a statement about the letter that afternoon, but so far, no dice. So while we’re waiting for NAMB’s explanation, we want your best, funniest guesses about who the author might actually be.

Here are some of ours:

Brian Williams (the guy just can’t help himself)

Frank Underwood (as part of his evil plan to topple Johnson)

Evil alternate-universe Tim Johnson

What are your guesses? Let us know in the comments below. Our favorite gets a prize!


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