What are the world’s most expensive places to rent?

by Anna Sobrevinas27 Feb 2017

Renting in San Francisco? Better have a fat wallet. Home purchase prices in the area are already stratospheric, but housing startup also listed the county as having the most expensive rent in the world, according to Curbed SF.

Using its Rent Affordability Index, UK-based Nested ranked 87 cities through the “current market listings for all locations” feature, and placed San Francisco on top of the list.

Nested’s calculations used the average rent per square foot per city. It then analyzed the cost for a single person, using his or her city’s average rent per square foot, to rent a 420-square foot room or for a four-member family to rent under 800 square feet.

For San Francisco, the rental cost per square feet was $4.96; $2,077 per month for 420 square feet; and $3,942 per month for 800 square feet.

Below are the top ten global cities in Nested’s Rent Affordability Index:

City                                                                  Rental cost per square foot (USD)

  1. San Francisco, USA                              $4.96
  2. New York City, USA                             $ 4.75
  3. Hong Kong, Hong Kong                       $ 3.84
  4. Dubai, UAE                                          $ 3.53
  5. Singapore, Singapore                          $ 3.34
  6. Washington, D.C., USA                        $ 3.33
  7. Geneva, Switzerland                           $ 3.09
  8. Sydney, Australia                                $ 2.93
  9. Zurich, Switzerland                             $ 2.91
  10. Los Angeles, USA                                 $ 2.87 

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