Total Expert teams up with Sales Boomerang to enhance customer experience

by Candyd Mendoza14 Aug 2019

Fintech software company Total Expert has announced entering a partnership with Sales Boomerang, an automated borrower intelligence and retention system.

Total Expert will integrate its customer marketing and engagement automation with Sales Boomerang's borrower intelligence. Through the integration, loan officers can enhance their interaction with customers. Additionally, they can also directly receive notifications such as mortgage inquiries, credit-score increases, equity and life events.

“As consumer expectations continue to rise, lenders must find unique ways to stay connected with their customers at all times and provide a seamless experience throughout the entire customer life cycle,” said Total Expert President Jeff Walton. “Sales Boomerang is a cutting-edge platform that supports our efforts to provide lenders with a best-in-class solution to build relationships, increase revenue and keep customers coming back long after their first transaction.”

"Partnering with Total Expert allows us to provide a unique experience to lenders by pairing a powerful data engine with a powerful MOS,” said Sales Boomerang founder Alex Kutsishin. “When a new lead is added to the Total Expert MOS, it goes into Sales Boomerang for tracking, helping to plug potential gaps in the customer journey and ensuring no opportunities are missed. Loan officers are informed when a pertinent event occurs, empowering them to immediately take action due to Total Expert’s intelligent marketing.”