Top servicer returns customer service operations

by Ryan Smith22 Jun 2017
One of the country’s biggest mortgage servicers is ending a practice that’s common in business but unpopular with customers – and, in so doing, creating about 500 jobs.

Offshoring – the practice of moving customer service operations overseas to save money – is a common corporate practice, with many top servicers making use of offshore customer-service reps. But customers generally dislike the practice, often complaining that dealing with offshore reps leads to problems.

After receiving negative feedback about the practice from customers, Nationstar Mortgage has announced that it’s moving its customer-service operations back to the US, according to a HousingWire report. The move to end offshoring is also part of Nationstar’s ongoing rebranding as it changes to Mr. Cooper. According to Nationstar CEO Jay Bray, the Mr. Cooper rebrand is about making the company more personal and responsive to customers.

“It’s so simple, in some ways. If you have happy customers, you’re going to have happy employees,” Bray told HousingWire. “If you have happy customers, more than likely, you’re going to have happy shareholders.”

Nationstar said that moving customer service operations back to the US will improve customers’ experience with the company.

“Our customers shared with us that speaking to US-based representatives would make their service experience better, so we prioritized that feedback and have invested in moving all of our call-center operations back to the United States,” Bray said in a news release.

Nationstar already operates customer service call centers in Dallas, Longview. Texas, and Chandler, Ariz., according to HousingWire. Moving the rest of its customer-service operations back to the US will create 500 new jobs, Nationstar said.

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