The one thing every LO must know about secondary markets

by MPA22 Aug 2014

By David Lykken
Special to MPA

When I recently discussed secondary markets with Julie Messina of CNN Mortgage, the ultimate question was asked of her: what is the one thing that loan originators need to know about secondary markets? Her answer: education.

More specifically, loan originators need to be willing to take advantage of education opportunities. The reality is there could never be just "one thing" to know. The market, with its changing regulations and consumer trends, is always on the move. The important thing is for LOs to have a willingness to learn.

When secondary markets provide educational opportunities, they are doing so for a reason. They want their LOs to have everything they need to generate the loans that can best be serviced. The most important thing for LOs to do is to take advantage of those opportunities for learning provided by the secondary markets.

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