StreetLinks’ SCORe™ Fills the Appraisal Review Product Gap

by 13 Dec 2011
Indianapolis, IN – StreetLinks Lender Solutions announced yesterday the expansion of their SCORe™ appraisal review product, as well as the inclusion of a repurchase and loss warranty with every SCORe™ report.StreetLinks launched SCORe™ in 2010 to address the longstanding void in credible, affordable and fast appraisal review products. SCORe™ has been widely accepted and utilized in the market due to its concise and direct approach at validating the comparables within an appraisal report. The addition of the loss warranty provides lenders with the confidence in what stands behind the report, not simply the information it contains. “We set out with a simple mission - to challenge the status quo of appraisal review products. Since the 2010 launch, the success and accuracy of SCORe™ has been validated in the marketplace. We are now expanding the access of the product to the entire lending community and adding a comprehensive loan repurchase and loss warranty to every SCORe™ we deliver,” said Steve Haslam, StreetLinks CEO. “Historically, lenders have relied on AVMs or watered down review products completed by people who aren’t even located in the same state. Without local market knowledge and expertise, these products routinely produce errant or inconclusive findings. The reconciliation process creates additional monetary spend and delays – in addition to the risk of making a bad loan with an inferior or inaccurate product.” SCORe™ provides a USPAP-compliant review and rating of the comparables used in an original appraisal. The report is completed by an unbiased, proximate, licensed appraiser with the local market knowledge and data required to deliver the best appraisal review results. Unlike traditional review products that can create conflicting value conclusions, SCORe™ analyzes the credibility of the comparables used in an appraisal to derive its findings. StreetLinks EVP, Tom Hurst said, “Recent changes in review product offerings within the valuation industry have left some correspondent lenders looking for a better review product and process. The addition of the warranty coverage to SCORe™ provides lenders with an easy decision on every appraisal and unlike other products on the market, SCORe™ is available on any appraisal – regardless of where it was originally ordered. For $95 the lenders get an appraisal-quality conclusion with the added security of knowing that, in the unlikely event that a SCORe™ is errant, our warranty will cover the loss.” ________________________________________ About StreetLinks StreetLinks Lender Solutions provides innovative and comprehensive suite of valuation services and lending technology solutions to banks, lenders and other mortgage industry firms. StreetLinks’ commitment to quality and service, embodied by our partnership approach to clients and appraisers, continues to set us apart as the nation’s premier lending solutions partner. Our products and services are used by thousands of mortgage bankers and appraisers nationwide to simplify and improve everyday business operations. For more information, visit


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