Someone stole Wells Fargo's golden nuggets

by 28 Jan 2015
Wells Fargo Bank officials have vowed to reopen its popular corporate museum in downtown San Francisco after three robbers smashed a stolen SUV through its front door and made off with historic gold rush nuggets.

According to a police report, the robbers crashed the vehicle into the museum around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. They then emerged from the SUV, and one of them held a security guard at gunpoint while the others took up to 10 ounces of gold nuggets from a display case. The estimated value of the stolen gold is around $10,000.

"Rest assured, the museum will reopen, so it can continue to serve the thousands of visitors and Bay Area residents who visit it each year," Pulido said. Wells Fargo opened its first branch on the site in 1852, bank spokesman Ruben Pulido said.


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