Senior Lending Network Supports GrandRally 2008 in Washington, D.C.

by 09 May 2008
--Reverse mortgage lender partners with national group to lobby for seniors-- MELVILLE, N.Y., May 9, 2008 ?Senior Lending Network, the educational program provided by World Alliance Financial Corp., an industry leader in reverse mortgages, announced the sponsorship of the National Committee of Grandparents for Children?s Rights (NCGCR) transportation from New York to the Washington D.C. GrandRally on May 7, 2008. The event, which occurs every two years, is the largest national effort to advocate and lobby for substantial legislative change that protects grandparents and their grandchildren. ?The GrandRally invites caregivers from all across the United States to join together in front of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. At the event, participants are able to meet with members of Congress to share facts and experiences they have had,? said Brigitte Castellano, executive director of NCGCR. ?We are so pleased that the Senior Lending Network has supported our efforts and funded the transportation for our trip.? ?The GrandRally and the mission set by the NCGCR is a terrific cause that we are proud to take part in,? said David Peskin, CEO of the Senior Lending Network. ?This is our way to lobby for positive change in support of grandparents who work hard to help their families. Senior Lending Network upholds caregivers at all levels and acknowledges their hard work and dedication to others.? About World Alliance Financial Corp. World Alliance Financial Corp., a member of the KBC Group, is one of the largest reverse mortgage companies in the nation Through its wholesale and retail channels, the company is dedicated to building the reverse mortgage industry by fostering strong partnerships with originators and by providing outstanding consumer education. The company educates millions of Americans about the important benefits of reverse mortgages through the Senior Lending Network, its national consumer education campaign, and then links interested consumers to qualified and experienced originators, who have access to World Alliance Financial?s wholesale reverse mortgage products, technology, and education services. For more information, call 1-800-562-6755 or visit the company?s website at About NCGCR The National Committee of Grandparents for Children's Rights was established to form a coalition of concerned grandparents, citizens and agencies united to create one powerful voice and to network with groups throughout the nation that share our goals. NCGCR?s mission is to advocate and lobby for substantial and urgent legislative changes that protect the rights of grandparents to secure their grandchildren's health, happiness and well-being. NCGCR is committed to monitoring agencies that affect our grandchildren at the city, county, state and federal levels and to protect the rights of grandparents and the needs of grandchildren who are at risk. For more information visit the organization?s website at


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