Roostify announces enhancement for digital mortgage experience

by Steve Randall15 May 2019

Roostify aims to enhance its digital mortgage experience through a new partnership that will boost eSign and eClose capabilities.

The integration of Roostify’s digital lending platform and Docutech’s eSign, eClose and print fulfilment technology, means that consumers can now view, complete, and eSign documents, all within the Roostify platform; and all fully compliant with local, state and federal regulations.

“Today’s consumers want a frictionless experience in everything they do. This expectation translates over to big life events including buying a home,” said Rajesh Bhat, CEO of Roostify. “Our integration with Docutech enables a completely seamless, best-in-class experience, while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance to keep users’ personal information secure.”

Faster closing time
Docutech’s solutions create mortgage disclosure documents and present them to the consumer for completion and signature without having to use an outside application.

Roostify’s digital-first platform is accessible on mobile devices making it easier for customers to complete documents on the go, which should mean a far quicker closing time.

“Digital mortgage solutions are now available to more consumers than ever as the largest lenders across the country are embracing the technology to make it happen,” said Amy Brandt, president and CEO of Docutech. “The integration between Roostify and Docutech marries two companies whose objectives are to provide the best possible solution to lenders, and ultimately consumers, when applying and completing a mortgage. We are thrilled to be partnering with one of the industry leaders to bring a world class experience to borrowers.”