Branch opportunity of the week: Geneva Financial -- a different kind of company

by Ryan Smith14 Jul 2014
When mortgage originators consider joining a branch, they need to do their research. Does the branch offer products they can sell? Are they comfortable with the culture? How much autonomy would the get to keep?

When Geneva Financial was founded in 2007, company president Aaron VanTrojen used his own experience working at a branch to figure out what not to do.

“When I got into the business in 2001, I worked for a tiny little broker,” VanTrojen says. “In 2006, he sold to a large mortgage banking platform. I realized quickly that when you’re working for a large platform that doesn’t allow wholesale, you lose your competitive advantage. We’ve been a mortgage banker since day one, but we’re probably the only mortgage banker that really promotes wholesale. … Because we have so many wholesale channels, we can’t lag on our pricing, which means we’re really competitive.”

Licensed in 11 states, with six more pending, Geneva Financial is a different kind of branch network.

“We pay our loan officers the same whether they broker a loan or bank it in house. The spirit and the vision of our company is for our loan officers to always do what’s best for the consumer,” VanTrojen says. “That’s probably what makes us so different than our competition and what’s kept us growing as a company when the industry is in one of its largest contractions.

“The company creates a platform to give the loan officers all the tools they need. We take all the compliance and technology out of the equation and let loan officers run the business what they want to run,” he adds. “And it’s working. We pay our loan officers more than the industry standard, and we pay them every week, which is faster than the industry standard. We have a very high retention rate for employees. We never lose employees to our competition. It just never happens.”

The company’s success comes down to its philosophy, VanTrojen says.

“We’re a different kind of mortgage company. I’m not a suit-and-tie kind of guy,” he says. “We’re not into the corporate, bureaucratic culture. That’s not our deal around here. We’re more of a family kind of culture.”

Geneva Financial is currently licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Texas and Washington. Licenses are pending in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Nebraska and South Dakota. For more information, visit

Geneva Financial Loan Programs

  • Limited Overlays
  • 95% LTV with  5% Gift
  • HARP (No overlays / Unlimited LTV / All Occupancy Types / Level Approvals / MI Transfer)
  • Principle Reduction (Arizona – HARP / VA / FHA)
  • HomePath and HomePath Renovation
  • Non Owner: 10 Properties
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Construction Loans (New)
  • Down to 560 credit score - FHA (not fun but we do them)
  • Up to 56.9% DTI
  • 100% LTV - VA with 550 score
  • Back to Work
  • Flips
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Jumbo to 90% LTV
  • 10+ Non Owner Occupied Properties
  • State Income Programs
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Non Warrantable Condos
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Chattel Loans
  • Commercial
  • Hard Money