Renovation Loans

  • New Jersey Hard Money Lenders in High Demand for Rehab Loans by

    Real estate investors and homeowners alike are seeking out New Jersey hard money lenders for rehab loans. But why?

  • 203k loan officers expect continued upswing by

    Loan officers offering the FHA 203k loan program are seeing an upswing in homebuyers interested in the product, but still not as much as they’d expect.

  • Why Home Depot Loves Real Estate Investors by

    One of my clients, who has flipped over 400 homes, never has to think about what carpet or paint to put into his rehab houses. His contractor has the SKU numbers conveniently filed at Home Depot for easy ordering, pickup, and payment. Using one home improvement supplier like Home Depot has helped this real estate investor to quickly and efficiently flip many rehab houses over the years.


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