Readers respond: CFPB whistleblower says Cordray told her to ‘back down’

by Ryan Smith05 Apr 2014
A whistleblower who’s accused the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of systemic discrimination says CFPB Director Richard Cordray told her to “back down” from her accusations. The allegations created quite a buzz among MPA readers.

"What else is new???" asked MPA reader Matt W. "The CFPB arises out of nowhere with absolutely nobody holding them accountable for anything, no oversight, no budget, nothing. And they are out there "protecting the consumers"? Garbage."

The allegations of discrimination at the CFPB moved reader David T. to sarcasm.

"Wait, so you're telling me that Congress created a cabinet level department, gave it virtual untouchabe autonomy with no entity to report to... and they have a problem with attitudes, ethics, nepotism, and favoritism," he wrote. "No WAY. That CAN'T BE possible."

And MPA reader Elaine wondered what Cordray was thinking by calling the whistleblower.

"What??? He called her to tell her to 'back-off' and the 'payback' was going to be a different job in a different Agency. How old is this guy Cordray??" she asked. "That is such 'old' back-room crap that it isn't funny anymore."

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