Promising Canada deals for potential emigrants

by Ephraim Vecina08 Mar 2016
With the continuous surge of controversial tycoon and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump in the polls, and especially after a powerful showing last week, more and more Americans are now looking into moving up north.
In fact, according to Google Data Editor Simon Rogers, the search term “how to move to Canada” saw an astounding 350% growth after emerging as a favorite in Super Tuesday. Red-hot Canadian markets aside, a generous exchange rate makes the following locations attractive prospects for would-be migrants.
Vernon, BC
According to Toronto real estate agent and Canada Real Estate Association board member Richard Silver, this locale boasts of warmer weather that has played a crucial role in the areas wine and fruit industries. A fully furnished duplex in the town currently sells for $276,260.
Whistler, BC
Site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the equable ski resort town plays host to over 2 million visitors annually. Home prices can go as low as $138,000.
A January 2016 report by Sotheby's International Realty Canada noted that Montreal’s real estate market is projected to maintain its affordability this year. This uncommon stability has made the city a prime choice for those who find Toronto and Vancouver prices excessive.
“But there is the issue of needing to learn French before you move there,” Silver told CBS News.
One of the Canadian cities hardest hit by the global oil shock, the Calgary market has not been kind to brokers and sellers. Buyers, however, are in a position to enjoy generous deals, with a two-bedroom condo unit going for just a little over $130,000.


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