PRMG Outreach Program: Helps Local Corona Family in Time of Crisis!

by 26 Jul 2011
As many of you may be aware, PRMG was recently involved in making a significant contribution toward the Hale Family fundraiser headed up by Chick-Fil-A here in Corona, CA. The Hale family has been desperately seeking financial aid to help pull together a down payment toward the much needed surgery for Cherie Hale, wife and mother of three children who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Cristal Jones, an employee of PRMG, is a close friend of the Hale family. Through PRMG’s Outreach Program, she immediately reached out to her fellow employees for help to raise funds.  In a matter of days and on their own accord, PRMG employees raised $3,100 dollars; not an easy feat to tackle especially in today’s economy. Paul Rozo, CEO, and Robert Holliday, COO were taken aback by this incredible act of generosity that they themselves decided to match the funds of the employees for another $3,100 dollars.  In addition, Paul and Robert matched donations contributed by Chick-Fil-A’s campaign drive in Corona for another $1,200 for a grand total of nearly $7,400 dollars toward the cause! “We are very proud of our PRMG family”, said Paul Rozo. “It is truly about making a difference in someone’s life. To think that the employees would rise to the occasion to help a family in their time of need and on such short notice, speaks volumes about the kind of employee culture we have here at PRMG.”   “We wish Cherie Hale and her family all the best during this difficult time and pray for a thorough and timely recovery. We would also like to thank all of our PRMG Family who contributed toward this extremely important cause.”   Respectfully Paul Rozo President and CEO, PRMG


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