PCV Murcor teams with Calyx for appraisals

by MPA02 Jul 2014
PCV Murcor, a leading provider of real estate valuations for the mortgage industry’s largest lenders, servicers, brokers and insurers, today announced that it will begin offering its industry-leading, compliant appraisals through Calyx Software’s Point loan origination system.

Integrating the two systems enables Calyx Point users to quickly and securely order and track appraisals from PCV Murcor through the existing Calyx Point interface. The availability of this service will increase efficiency by simplifying the ordering and delivery process while helping lenders of all sizes to obtain the highest levels of valuation compliance. In addition, lenders will no longer need to re-enter appraisal request information and can review order status 24/7.

Calyx Point is a recognized, industry-leading loan origination service used by over 70 percent of mortgage brokers and an estimated 36 percent of community banks, credit unions and mortgage bankers.

Focused on rigorous appraisal compliance, PCV Murcor has built one of the largest national networks of real estate appraisers. The company’s appraisal management process is driven by a proprietary technology platform that selects appraisers by both market and product competency and proven by past performance. Once submitted to PCV Murcor by the appraiser, all valuations are subject to an automated validation process, including business rule verification checks and additional manual reviews. Upon delivery, lenders receive a compliant, defensible and verified appraisal.

“With the MBA’s loan origination volume projections lowered again and the operational challenges lenders face in quickly originating quality loans, every process that can be simplified is valuable. This integration will further enable PCV Murcor to assist lenders by streamlining the ordering process and helping assure that the loans being originated have compliant value-certainty and defensibility,” said Tim Scherf, COO of PCV Murcor. “Calyx is a recognized and respected leader in loan origination software. Their commitment to maintaining a regulatory-compliant system makes this integration an ideal fit for us both, given PCV Murcor’s commitment to providing compliant, high-quality appraisals.”

Calyx Point loan origination software offers a full service system for mortgage professionals to market, prequalify, originate and process loans. PCV Murcor offers a variety of residential valuation products including appraisals, broker price opinions and alternative valuation products such as hybrid broker-data products and reconciliations.

For more information about PCV Murcor and its Calyx Point integration, please visit: www.pcvmurcor.com/calyx.