Outsourcing Provides Cost-Savings for the Mortgage Industry

by 25 Mar 2011
Atlanta, GA ? experiencing impressive employee growth as lending organizations -nd new ways to reduce costs in a tight market. As a result, the prospect of outsourcing to variable cost services is becoming more and more attractive to lenders. ?Because work?ow levels are so unpredictable in this market,? says David Green, founder and President of The Stone- Hill Group, ?our clients are realizing how we can transform what were traditionally -xed personnel costs into variable, needs-based costs.? This outsourcing trend is certainly apparent at StoneHill. Between 2008 and 2009, the Atlanta based company more than doubled its sta, while adding another forty-percent within the last year. In addition, StoneHill?s revenues have doubled over the last -ve years. ?We believe our success is a direct result of realizing what the market needed, and providing quality, U.S. based services to -t those needs,? adds Green. ?The overseas companies have tried to duplicate our model, but the communication barrier and lack of response time simply does not allow for the level of performance required.? In order to continue to capitalize on this opportunity, StoneHill is taking steps to make sure that its service oerings are well known throughout the industry. The company just completed a -ve-month process of refreshing its brand with an updated logo, web site, marketing materials, and an aggressive advertising and trade show schedule. ?We have several new oerings of which we want to make clients and potential new customers aware,? says Green. ?And by -ne tuning our marketing message with a new look and feel, we believe that the industry will be better able to understand the value that The StoneHill Group has to oer to banks, community banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, and other lending organizations.? The StoneHill Group, a national mortgage outsourcing services and stang solutions provider, isFounded in 1996 by current president David Green, The StoneHill Group is a premier nationwide provider of outsourcing services and consulting in the mortgage banking, banking, credit union, and nancial industries. With unequaled customer satisfaction and high standards of integrity, The StoneHill Group?s outsourcing services provide cost e-ective business solutions and ?exibility to mortgage, banking, and nancial institutions that may experience periodic work over?ow or wish to have an outside quality control system. The Atlanta based organization?s qualied, experienced, and professional consultants supply alternatives to permanent stang and internal administration, turning xed costs into variable costs. The StoneHill Group o-ers Quality Mortgage Outsource Solutions, which allow for scalability and coste -ective services specically tailored to meet clients? needs. With state-of-the-art systems and platforms, the company?s innovative solutions provide variable cost ?exibility to the nancial industry. For more information on The StoneHill Group, please visit www.stonehillgroup.com or call (877) 399-1936.


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