Originators flock online to tell us how good their lenders are – and some are awful

by MPA21 Aug 2014

By the time we closed the industry’s first ever MPA Originators on Lenders survey, over 1,180 of you had taken the time to share just how good your lenders are – from products and pricing to turnaround times – and the results were, at the very least, highly variable. “They Suck,” one irate reader told us when referring to one lender’s turnaround times, “Awesome personal service,” another told us of their favorite lender.

The results of this important survey will be published in the next issue of MPA magazine – including listings of all the lenders that YOU thought were worthy of recommending to your peers. If you’re not happy with your current lender, this issue is the one that tells you which lenders your colleagues love.