Deephaven non-QM products now available through Calyx Point

by Ryan Smith17 Oct 2018

Deephaven’s non-QM mortgage products can now be accessed through Calyx Point, Calyx Software has announced.

Originators using Calyx Point will be able to instantly determine fit across Deephaven’s non-QM loan programs and help borrowers who might not qualify for agency programs. Loan officers can run Deephaven’s IDENTI-FI AUS findings report on any loan in Calyx Point without having to import or export a 1003 or credit information. Originators don’t have to be pre-approved with Deephaven to see a detailed breakdown of the qualification criteria and documentation requirements.

“At Deephaven, our mission is to rebuild the non-agency mortgage market by providing common sense-driven underwriting decisions centered around a borrower’s ability to repay,” said Mike Brenning, chief production officer at Deephaven. “Our integration with Point will allow us to help even more originators reach underserved, yet creditworthy borrowers and confidently originate non-QM products.”

“More and more of our origination customers are looking to take advantage of the growing non-QM market,” said Bob Dougherty, vice president of business development at Calyx Software. “By integrating with Deephaven, a leader in non-QM lending, our customers will have access to even more loan options to responsibly expand their business.”