Mortgage lender lauded for rural development

by MPA10 Jul 2014
A mortgage lender has received an award for making a significant contribution to supporting rural residents.

Inlanta Mortgage has announced it has been named a recipient of the USDA's Platinum Million Dollar Lender Award. The award is presented each year to lenders who have partnered with and made a significant contribution to supporting Wisconsin rural residents looking to participate in the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Program.

In the fiscal year 2013, the lender utilized more than $5 million of Guaranteed Rural Housing program funds by financing home purchases for more than 3,900 moderate income families across the state.

“Working with our lending partners across the state, we’ve made a difference to those rural families prepared to realize the responsibility and benefits of owning a home,” said USDA Rural Development State Director, Stan Gruszynski. “The last several years have been challenging for homebuyers in rural communities. By partnering with local lenders we are able to leverage our resources and overcome financial barriers in order to help rural communities move forward.

“We value our partnership with Inlanta Mortgage and commend their achievement and contributions to meeting rural housing goals for Wisconsin.”


  • by Angie Robinson | 7/10/2014 10:21:50 AM

    If my math is correct, and I checked it twice, $5,000,000 divided by 3900 families would mean an average mortgage size of $1282. Even for 390 families the average mortgage size would be only $12,820. I know that many homes in rural areas are not terribly high priced, but I doubt that the figures are correct in this article.


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