Morning Briefing: Real estate boss says this will drive disruption in the industry

by Steve Randall06 Apr 2016
Real estate boss says this will drive disruption in the industry
There’s a looming disruptor for the real estate industry that may not even be on your radar yet but the CEO of real estate site Redfin says it will change the way America lives. It’s the driverless car.
Actually, it’s the driverless car and other transportation changes that are behind the disruption that Glenn Kelman highlights in a blog post. The mix includes the use of rideshare services such as Uber together with train lines.

The prediction is for a combination of shared car use and public transit, making ownership of a vehicle less desirable and home locations will be ranked by the new criteria. This is likely to change our cities, which have generally been built with cars in mind.

Therefore, those homes that are close to train or subway stations will increase in popularity whereas those with road links may become less so.

Kelman advises that paying a premium for parking when buying a home may be a bad move as that may become less valuable over time. However, paying for proximity to transit links should prove a good decision.
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