What Cruz, Trump and Jeb Bush can teach us about marketing an insurance business

by Ryan Smith19 Feb 2016
Tear your eyes away from the almost nonstop coverage of the republican and democrat selection circus and you may see that the cut and thrust of politics extends across the internet. And from that cut and thrust there are lessons to be learned – is your  business brand safe?

Try typing www.jebbush.com into a browser and rather than seeing the man who would like to be the third Bush president – you’ll find… well, something or someone else. Look for tedcruzforamerica.com and again, maybe not exactly what the presidential hopeful in question would want. Amusing, yes. Something to pay close attention to? Definitely.

The question for any of us with a business name is, of course, how safe is it? Have you registered your brand – and its typos? Try typing geiko.com into your browser and you’ll find that the Geico team have planned ahead for poor spellers. And so should we. Domain names are relatively cheap to buy and maintain. So have a careful think – how might people misspell your business name? Is there an obvious domain name that you don’t own that you can register and redirect to your main site?

And remember – get a good, no, get a great site. Internet travelers are merciless in how they judge – and having judged poorly, they seldom come back.


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