Was your information stolen in a giant data breach? This big bank isn't telling

by Ryan Smith06 Oct 2014
Victims of the recent JPMorgan security breach won’t be notified by the bank.

The security breach affected about two thirds of American households – about 76 million, according to a MarketWatch report. Seven million small businesses were also affected. The breach began in June but wasn’t discovered until July, according to the New York Times.

Operating from overseas, hackers compromised names, phone numbers, email and physical addresses and “internal JPMorgan Chase information relating to such users,” the bank said in a government filing.

But JPMorgan has no plans to notify customers whose information was compromised by the breach. When asked why, a spokesman said, “That’s just what we’re doing,” according to MarketWatch.

The FBI is looking into the breach, and at least two state attorneys general have contacted the bank about the security failure.


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