Energy Independence and Freedom!

by 26 Mar 2013

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An associate recently asked the question “why do we have to pay to live on planet earth”? 

Along with that, I have then heard complaints as to the costs of utility bills, whether they are an owner or an investor.  Some Americans, frustrated with the cost of fossil fuels, are researching alternative options today in facing a different economy as well as climate change.  Before you turn the page or look away, what if we had more choices in deciding the future of both our money and the future?       

We know about solar and wind power as well as the conservation of resources through green building design and redevelopment.  But what about quantum energy?  “What?”, you say, “sounds scientific and complicated!” 

Maybe but what if there are already a group of scientists and engineers who have known about quantum energy for the past two centuries?  What if these scientists and engineers have working devices, tested and verified?  What if this technology has been confirmed by over 20,000 independent scientists?  Working devices related to energy in a property such as:

  • Electric energy generators that need no fuel
  • Mechanical energy motors that need no input once started
  • Sky well technology that extracts water from the air
  • Atmospheric scrubbers that transform carbon dioxide and methane into helpful base elements
  • Growing centers that make fresh produce.    

These scientists and engineers know of many types of energy that can be utilized but are not commonly harnessed.  We live in a subatomic universe of electrons that allow for vacuum energy (zero point), thermal energy (ambient heat), quantum flux (waves of the sea that can be harnessed), static energy (radio waves and white noise) as well as other types of background energy.   

How would real estate owners, tenants and investors react to no longer paying a monthly bill for fossil fuels when buying or leasing a property or writing an offer?  If people could pull energy from the air (quantum flux), how would that change the lending landscape as to a market’s capitalization rates or a property’s performance?  Would properties with quantum energy devices lead an industry as to demand?  How would appraisers adjust for this new technology in establishing credible assignment results in their methodology to meet USPAP?  Would people stand behind this innovation to protect factories that mass produce these generators and motors or stay loyal to oil and coal?

I recently watched a video where a Harvard University business professor and economist asked 5,000 Americans about wealth distribution in the United States and then, presented today’s reality. 


This is the video:


In the number of fellow Americans who now live below middle class standards, how interested would working Americans be to learn about quantum energy devices?  

Can innovation come from anywhere if a ministry developed the technology?  A first reaction to hearing about a religious group can conjure images of fundamentalism, thoughts of one’s past religious experiences or emotions as to pride of one’s own group.  The bottom line is that separate from one’s personal beliefs, could there be an open mind as to fuel less generators as a choice to explore?  WITTS stands for “World Improvement through the Spirit Ministries”.  Their focus is on humanity and in conversation with Timothy Thrapp, he stated that they receive about 300 emails a day by way of their website all around the world.  In his own words, he states “Ministries are not supposed to be about religion.  They are supposed to be about helping the planet and all the people that live here prosperous, healthy and happy.”  He hopes the focus will be on solutions compared to the spokesman.

Quantum energy current upfront costs are comparable to solar and wind now.  Once in mass production, upfront costs are expected to be more affordable than any other choice including fossil fuels.  Right now, the WITTS team builds custom systems.  They hope to raise enough funds to acquire a factory to mass produce affordable home powered systems. 

Benefits include a sense of safety in the event the grid goes down in that they will have light and be able to cook.  Wal-Mart already sells a 3 kilowatt device for about $300 and this is less expensive than a fossil fuel generator.  WITTS’ quantum energy devices work even when clouds hide the sun due to geography and weather.

According to Mr. Thrapp, a typical American household uses between 1,500 to 2,500 watts on average compared to an industrial building that needs between 10,000 to 250,000 watts.  For specifics, Timothy suggests a feasibility estimate for commercial properties.  He states that people in Asia and Europe today already know about quantum energy devices whereas in the United States, consumers can choose to feed the oil companies or decide with their income what they are willing to support. 

World Improvement Ministries teaches in colleges, universities and churches.  Customers can qualify for a class over Skype as well.  WITTS also has free classes that teach solutions each week, addressing one problem at a time, in the archives section of their website.  Mr. Thrapp has received coverage in alternative media publications and local platforms.  

So while we pay to live on planet Earth, it appears that we have choices as to energy solutions. 

The more people consider their options and know of all available resources, the more each of us will be affected in how we see our homes and the concept of energy.

WITTS also offers solutions to all the problems mankind currently faces. 

Our loyalty may be to our money, our family or to what is familiar.  As I drive through and see the smog in Southern California, I wonder about when we as Americans will go outside of the comfort box of what is convenient.  


Angelina Carleton is President of So Cal Real Estate Services, Inc. ( 


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