Could you get funding… for an iPhone 6?

by Rachel.Norvell09 Oct 2014
While most cities across the country are experiencing steady housing recoveries, Detroit is lagging behind. So much so that one homeowner offered to trade his home for a new iPhone 6.
According to Zillow, Andreas Gindelhuber bought the 2,400-square-foot foreclosed home in 2010 for $41,000 as an investment property. Gindelhuber, an Austrian investor, was hoping to make money by turning the home into a rental property.
Shortly after the Detroit market began to crumble, and Gindelhuber found himself with no tenants and a $6,000 property tax bill. He decided to put the run-down home on the market, and for months he received no offers, even when the home was listed at $3,000.
So, he told his realtor, Larry Else, he would trade the home for an iPhone 6 or new iPad, which Else thought was great idea to add to the listing to make it stand out, according to Zillow.
Stand out is exactly what it did. The listing went viral and got the attention of big media organization such as USA Today, Good Morning America and BuzzFeed.
Else told Zillow the home recently sold for less than $1,000 to a buyer on the same street. And, Gindelhuber  will receive iPhone 6. A German man emailed Else on Wednesday and said he wanted to donate his iPhone 6 to Gindelhuber.


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