Continuity Programs releases new marketing CRM

by Ryan Smith04 Jan 2017

Continuity Programs has introduced a new marketing CRM for lenders, MyCRMDashboard. The CRM takes care of communications with prospects and customers for the lender, according to a news release.

“This is the CRM loan officers will want to use,” said Kirk King, president of Continuity Programs.

MtCRMDashboard offers a simple CRM with lead generation, hands-free marketing campaigns and real-time reporting.

“Powerful marketing communications are sent on each loan officer’s behalf,” King said. “We then notify the loan officers when to log in and get their leads.”

According to King, the new system will help lenders grow their business, while saving them time and money.

“I’m super excited about this launch,” King said. “I’m certain this new platform will help us more than double the results of our existing systems.”


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