Anny Havland | Elite Women in Mortgage 2014

by Ryan Smith26 Jun 2014
Anny HavlandMeet 50 women who are blazing new trails in the mortgage industry
Welcome to MPA’s inaugural Elite Women in Mortgage report. A few months ago, we asked you to nominate women who’d broken new ground in the industry. Your response was overwhelming. After a lot of consideration, we’ve narrowed the list down to 50 women who are rising stars in the industry. From marketing geniuses to CEOs, these women represent the mortgage world’s best and brightest.

Anny Havland
Neighborhood Mortgage

Anny Havland and her business partner, Bill, have grown Neighborhood Mortgage from a kitchen-table operation to a multimillion-dollar business. But Havland is better known in the Bellingham, Wash., area as the creator and host of Talk It Up TV, a popular internet television show that spreads positive news and brings attention to worthy causes. The success of the show has also given her a unique insight into the mortgage industry.

“I’ve been able to help a lot of my peers in the industry get into video marketing, and I’ve gone all over the US to speak on it,” she says. “I actually won the media award through the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals because of Talk It Up TV.”

Havland has been recognized as one of Bellingham’s most fascinating people and one of Washington State’s women of the year, coming in ahead of Melinda Gates.

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