LoanAce Named, Neo of the Mortgage Industry

by 30 Sep 2008
According to an audio interview, the president of LoanAce is considered the Neo (from the movie, The Matrix) of the mortgage industry In an audio interview conducted by, Jeff Cunio, president of TeraVendo ? the maker of free loan origination software called LoanAce ? reaches mythic proportions, being referred to as the underground superhero that changed the world, Neo. BrokerMama spokesman, Marcos Moura said, ?The moniker was not placed on him by BrokerMama. We asked hundreds of loan originators who they wanted to hear from, and several referred to him as Neo. So it was natural for us to ask, ?Is this Neo?? At the conclusion of the interview we determined, he may not save the world, but he is making a big impact in the originator and brokers? world with LoanAce.? Jeff Cunio said, ?I?m just glad they didn?t refer to me as Wonder Woman. I don?t think their picture would have been as flattering.? He continued, ?We are excited about the response we are getting in the marketplace. Improving the lives of our customers is a chief aim for LoanAce. It is gratifying to know that our customers realize that is our intent?. Jeff Cunio as Neo - Picture Courtesy of To hear the interview in its entirety, go to: TeraVendo, Inc. is dedicated to providing secure, efficient and customer-friendly software solutions to loan originators, mortgage brokers. Since 2005 the Company has been invested in the development of the best possible information technology solutions for the Mortgage Industry. TeraVendo?s flagship product, LoanAce


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