Lighter Side: These are America’s most haunted housing markets

by Justin da Rosa30 Oct 2015
One industry association has assembled a list of the ZIP codes with the highest density of homes most likely to be haunted.

RealtyTrac put together a list of the top places in the country to find the highest number of vacant homes with deceased owners – and thus, most likely to be haunted by said former owners.

According to the data, more than 22,000 single family homes nationwide are vacant and have a now-deceased homeowner. Or, to put it into perspective, that’s one in every 5,973 homes that could potentially be haunted.

“If you really want to be frightened this Halloween, RealtyTrac suggests you head to Mobile County, Alabama, more particularly ZIP code 36610, where there are 69 haunted homes, which comes to one haunted home for every 89 homes in the area,” RealtyTrac said.

Mahoning County, Ohio, comes in second with 102 haunted homes.

“Rounding out the top 20 are ZIP codes in Wayne County, Michigan, Jefferson County, Alabama, Lake County, Indiana, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Hinds County, Mississippi, Jefferson County, Alabama, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania and Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania,” RealtyTrac said.

As for brokers working with clients who may have their eyes set on a haunted home? They may want to work with Randall Bell, an appraiser who works specifically with former murder homes.

He’s had a great deal of experience with these stigmatized homes and, as a result, has encountered some frightening things.

“What I hear a lot about is the dogs start acting bizarre and [people having] nightmares and creepy feelings and [hearing] sounds and that kind of stuff,” Bell said. 


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